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 The Top 5 Pasta Dishes

Pasta is popular the world over, and we can thank the Italians for giving us one of our favourite foods! The Mediterranean diet is also surprisingly healthy, and there is great variety among the dishes you can make. Cheap and easy to cook – that’s why it’s a staple of every student diet – pasta can be served with a variety of different ingredients, and you can get it in many different shapes. Perhaps the most popular is spaghetti – of the famous Bolognese, one of the easiest dishes of all – but there are others to try. So, here are our top 5 pasta dishes, each of which is easy to make and very tasty!

Before we delve into these mouth-watering ideas, one piece of advice we’d like to offer: invest in a pasta pot. These are very clever cooking utensils designed to make removing the pasta from the water easy, and they are surprisingly affordable. You can find a review of the top 10 pasta pots at – simply click here to read – and they offer details of sizes, plus pros and cons, and an idea of what you might need to pay. Have look now, and we feel sure you’ll want one!

1: Spinach Tomato Tortellini

One of the defining factors in pasta dishes is the combination of many different flavours; with this fabulous dish, you get the combination of tomato and spinach, for a true Mediterranean feel, plus a sauce including both chopped onion and garlic for that added twist. Easy and quick, this will go down well as a snack, or at a dinner party. It’s also vegetarian so everyone can enjoy it!

2: Creamy Pesto Shrimp

Spaghetti, with green pesto sauces, shrimp and a beautifully creamy sauce – this one really couldn’t be easier! It’s quick and easy, and when served with crispy, warm bread, is an absolute delight for seafood lovers. Try it, and you’ll be hooked!

3: BLT Pasta

This is a modern classic, and one that everyone will love! Take the ingredients of a BLT p bacon – cooked to a crispy tendency – lettuce, and tomato, and serve them with the pasta of your choice. Sprinkle with pepper and a few choice herbs, and you have the perfect lunch!

4: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Fusing the flavours of Italian food with Cajun is an inspired idea, and this wonderful dish is the prime example of why. Spicy chicken, with spaghetti, sautéed vegetables and a creamy basil sauce, is the perfect idea for a light dinner, or even as a snack if you keep the chicken ready to use.

5: Classic Lasagne

We couldn’t write this review without including a true classic – the lasagne! Tender sheets of pasta, with mince in tomato sauce between them, seasoned with a choice of spices and topped in cheese, is one of the tastiest dishes of all, and very easy to make!

There’s five wonderful dishes you can try, and each is much easier if you make it using your new pasta pot!