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5 Things In Your Diet You Don’t Realize are Making You Gain Weight

A lot of people try to eat as well as they can assuming that they’re making healthful choices. When they continue to gain weight gradually, they can’t seem to figure out why. However, often people don’t realize that every little thing can add up when you look at it under the microscope.

Sometimes the things that we think are harmless are actually the culprits of some serious calorie consumption. When it comes to the culprits in diets that people don’t even realize is to blame, here are the most common.


Delivery Food

Sometimes people get home from work after a long day and understandably don’t want to cook. When you’re exhausted and unmotivated, cooking sounds terrible. That’s usually when people use their favorite food delivery app and order food delivery since it’s quick and easy.

While there are some healthy options out there, there are more which are packed with calories and full of fat. An average home cooked meal has between 500-800 calories, while a fast food meal has between 1000-1300. If you start ordering a few times a week, it’s no wonder why your pants may be getting tight.



A lot of companies want you to believe that mass-produced juice from concentrate is good for you, so marketing can convince people that it is. However, while this is true of fresh squeezed juices full of fiber and enzymes, concentrate strips away most of the nutrients, and you’re left with nothing but sugar water.

Drinking several glasses of juice a day can add as many as hundreds of calories to your daily consumption which will start to add up throughout the week. If you’re a big juice drinker, you’ve unquestionably got the answer for your weight gain.



Although rice is a grain which goes well with a variety of foods, it packs a lot of punch if you eat too much of it. Try to limit the amount of rice that you eat when adding it to a plate. Rather than being the main course of a meal, it should be a small accompaniment.

As a general rule of thumb, the amount of rice on your plate should be smaller than the size of your fist.



Alcohol is something which adds up quickly. When you enjoy a drink or two thinking it’s harmless, remember that the average drink is between 200 and 300 calories. By consuming “just a few” you can quickly consume the equivalent of a full meal. But it is fine to have a few every now and then, like everything, it should all be in moderation. So next time you get a booze delivery Denver way or in whichever location you are, don’t be too cautious but don’t be too eager, if you can find that balance of course!


“Fat-Free” Foods

Although a lot of foods are marketed as fat-free, this can be a misleading term. Even though it’s been stripped of fat, it’s often packed full of extra sugar to make up for lack of taste.

As a result, you’re eating much more calories than you would have consumed in the full-fat version.

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