Exuberance, passion and flair are certainly some words that come to mind when I think about my husband Ronny. As a husband and chef, he doesn’t do things by half. He simply can’t. Whatever the conversation, whatever the dish, he fully immerses himself and instantaneously creates something wonderful.

I love watching Ronny, cook. Somehow, he vanishes from this earth and picks ingredients from the sky to prepare the most delicious meal. Ronny’s cooking is instinctive. He just knows how to blend flavours and create entirely new dishes, effortlessly. Often, he’s taught me how to cook a particular dish and told me everything I needed to know, but the end result was just not the same. I can’t quite put my finger on it, perhaps there really is a secret ingredient. No matter what ingredients you present Ronny with, he is sure to compose a symphony of flavors.

The Early Days

Ronny started off as a kitchen hand at a local restaurant when he was a teenager. He washed and peeled potatoes, chopped onions, seasoned meat and did all the other rather lowly kitchen jobs. During that time, he watched and learned and soon began to muscle in and make suggestions to the chefs. Somewhat bemused, they would on occasion, try one or two of his suggestions and soon realized that he really did have a flair for food.

At home, Ronny had learned from a master. His mother was and is an incredible cook. I’ve never seen anyone prepare such luxurious food with the most basic of ingredients.

After paying his dues as a kitchen hand, Ronny trained as a chef and instantly emerged as the star pupil. People can learn how to cook, but no one can teach you what the best chefs can do. It’s much like a talent in music or art, either you’ve got it or you don’t.

Cooking Up a Storm

Ronny singlehandedly put the first restaurant he worked in on the culinary map. Within a few months of working there, word had got around and thanks to Ronny’s creative input, the restaurant became renowned for serving exquisite food. Naturally, the owner was delighted and put Ronny in charge. Relishing the opportunity to create an entire menu, Ronny worked hard and rewarded the owner with the most scrumptious dishes, a packed restaurant and exceptional reviews.

Luxury Restaurant – Five Star Food

Top chefs get headhunted and so did Ronny. Offers came streaming in and eventually, with somewhat of a heavy heart, Ronny left his beloved first job and went on to work in a luxury restaurant. When you cook for a high-end clientele, you have your pick of the most exclusive ingredients and don’t have to worry about the cost. Having been gifted such an opportunity, Ronny blossomed into the elite chef he is today.


Apart from being a great cook, Ronny is utterly warm and approachable and lacks the capriciousness of many famous chefs. He loves teaching people how to prepare food and enjoys working with others. The stressful kitchen environment doesn’t phase him in the slightest and he always makes sure that all the kitchen staff is treated with respect. His great reputation as a chef, his warmth and his winning personality soon won him a TV show.

Ronny Now

Ronny divides his workday between the restaurant and the TV studio and is fully absorbed in his work. To lighten his load, I look after all the marketing, networking and promotion. I very much enjoy being his PA.

Website and Blog

We set up this website to share Ronny’s recipes, promote his work and bring you on our culinary journey. Cooking is an art form to be shared and that’s precisely what we are trying to do. Apart from promoting Ronny and telling the world just how wonderful he is, we enjoy working with others who share our passion for food.

Both Ronny and I, always welcome inquiries and have often accepted invitations to various events. In that sense, this website is your point of access and you may contact Ronny or I anytime you wish.

If you love food and cooking, you will enjoy your visit to this website and hopefully join our family of readers.