Thanks to Ronny’s prominence, our website has been going from strength to strength. He is well connected in the food community and industry and has made sure to utilize his standing for his own as well as for the benefit of others.

When we established this website, we created a comprehensive advertising package for companies in the food and hospitality industry and started making advertising space available, both on our website as well as our blog. The packages are competitively priced and focused on increasing our advertisers’ reach and visibility as well as on achieving a sizeable return on investment.

The feedback from our advertisers has been entirely positive and the majority continue to work with us. For our readers, well-placed ads represent further useful links and information.

The Ingredients of Effective Advertising

To make another cooking analogy, here are the ingredients of a good advertising campaign:

  • The Dish – Defining Campaign Goals and Objectives: The very first and perhaps most important step is to identify your targets and goals. Once defined, we tailor your campaign accordingly.
  • The Meat – Sharply Focused Target Group: Ads only work if they are presented to a sharply focused target group. Our 25’000 readers share a love of food, eating out, cooking, baking and any other food related activity, product or service. If your business serves this target group, an ad on our site will perform well for you.
  • The Flavor – Smartly Design Advertisement: We only publish visually stunning and evocative ads that entice readers to click on the relevant links. Poorly designed ads do nothing for advertisers.
  • Food Combinations – Smart Placement: Ads are placed alongside relevant content to provide readers with enhanced information and guide them to services and products they may need.
  • Cooking Time – Campaign Dates and Duration: We carefully select ad publication dates and campaign duration for maximum results.
  • Food Critics: During the campaign and right thereafter, we evaluate the performance of your ad and make necessary adjustments.
  • Enjoy a Meal With Friends: The collaboration between ourselves and our advertisers is most enjoyable and fruitful for all involved. So far, all of our advertisers have seen considerable increases in sales and revenue.

What to Do Next

If you provide products or services for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts, consider advertising on our site. The process is very straightforward. On initial contact, we will endeavor to find out everything we can about you and your business. Once we have a clear picture of your products and services, we ask you to define your goals for the campaign. Subsequently, we plan and structure your campaign accordingly and go on to design your ad and select the best location on our site. Some of our previous advertisers already had ads ready for publication and we welcome such initiative. From the very first day of publication, we collect website data and monitor the performance of your ad. Throughout each campaign, we regularly contact our advertisers for feedback.

This approach has worked very well and our advertisers have reported great success.

Why Choose Us

You will be hard pressed to find advertising space as effective as the one we provide. Our 25’000 unique monthly readers are passionate about food and cooking and are seeking information, services and products related to their passion. Your visibility will grow exponentially and your reach will expand considerably.

We work hard for our advertisers and allow them to collaborate in the process as much or as little as they wish. You can leave it all to us or get deeply involved. Ultimately, we want to help you to grow your business and to achieve your goals and objectives.