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Amazing Treats Delivered to Your Door

The last few months have seen a huge increase in online ordering. Much of this has been essential, but you could argue that treats are great therapy in times like these, and therefore are just as necessary. Whether it’s a gift, or a little something for you, it can make all the difference.

Say It With Flowers

Who wouldn’t get a boost from opening the door to a lovely bouquet? A Flowers Delivery service is still as popular as ever. The joy they bring will spread throughout the house, bringing a welcome burst of colour and perhaps a lingering fragrance too. Where possible, help the economy by opting for an independent florist, such as Hackney’s Petalon (see what they did there?), which delivers by bike in London, or by a next-day courier elsewhere. They also use profits to support bees, trees and recycling, so it’s a treat all round.

Pampered Plants

When cut flowers wilt, why not consider something more permanent? Patch provides houseplants that bring a spot of greenery to every room, and as a small company, is able to offer personal advice on what will flourish, where, and how. Variegated or coloured leaves, trailing plants, ferns, palms, cacti and succulents will enhance living quarters, or that new home office (or even outdoors), and they all come in their own pots.

Buon Appetito!

Restaurants have been off the menu for a while now. Although some takeaways aren’t bad, it’s just not the same, so sit back and let Pasta Evangelists serve up something superior. Enjoy mouth-watering recipes from twenty Italian regions, with themed weeks, and nationwide deliveries. Meals arrive with easy instructions and all ingredients, including fresh pasta and delicious sauces. They take minutes to prepare, and vegans and those with dietary requirements are well catered-for.

A Cheese and Wine Party

Local companies like the Cheese Bar can bring good food and excellent service. Like other restaurants, it has been closed for a while, but its cheerful yellow vans have been delivering Survival Kits full of delicious cheeses, together with charcuterie and crackers, and even wine to wash it down.

You’re Worth It

Everybody is feeling a little fragile right now, and a spot of pampering is just what’s needed. Haeckels is a conservation-minded company based in Margate, making lotions and soaps from botanicals sourced locally along the seashore. Their range, including gift sets and limited-edition candles, is guaranteed to restore the user’s sense of well-being.

Brownies for Everyone

The ultimate feel-good item is, of course, chocolate, and the boxes of brownies from Bad Brownie are a chocolate-lover’s dream, with vegan and gluten-free options included. From red velvet to prosecco, with strawberry, coffee, peanut butter and biscoff (to name but a few) in between, there’s something for all tastes. Drizzle the bites (pieces) with in-house salted caramel sauce, or bake your own with a Brownie-in-a-Mug kit.

In these changing times, why not take the opportunity to support the local or independent firms that desperately need your help? Together with quality products, they can offer a personal service to make you feel special – just what you need right now!

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