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Five Tips For Picking Healthier Meal Options When Eating Out

While it’s easier to eat healthy in your own kitchen (for most people) not everyone has the luxury to always eat from home. Sometimes you are out on the road and need a meal, sometimes you spend all day at work and just don’t have time to cook. Whatever your reason for not being able to cook a healthy meal from home, there are ways to get a healthy meal when you aren’t at home.

Pick The Right Venue

Look for a place to eat that has healthy dining options. There are plenty of them out there, located all over the place. This is the type of place that offers you fresh foods to eat like a juice or salad bar.

You can find good, healthy food venues at the mall and in other places. Pick places that have a good selection of fresh food options, like salads and fruit plates. If they offer a sandwich as a wrap instead, take that lower calorie and less fattening option.

Don’t Pick Fast Food

Fast food should always be the very last option when it comes to what you’re eating on the go. Even the healthy fast food options aren’t so healthy. Arby’s Market Fresh sandwiches may seem like a fresh option, but they are big enough to cover all three of your meals for the day. If this is your only option, pick the healthiest item on the menu and only eat the correct portion amount of it to not overdo it.

Picking From The Menu

Sometimes you don’t have a choice which restaurant you pick, so you just need to be smarter about picking something off the menu. Pass on red meat, especially when eating out. It sits in your gut too long and can cause gas and bloating (chicken is always a better, healthier option).

Get a salad. Salads can be the main part of your meal, or they can be a side to your meal. Get a side salad instead of fries (which are a fatty starch that doesn’t have much in the way of health benefits).

Look For Farm To Table

Farm to table is a popular trend right now in restaurants, and there’s a good reason for it. These types of restaurants are offering you the freshest in food options and these items are coming from local farms. That means you are getting healthier options in dining and you’re putting more money into your own community.

What To Drink

You may not realize how many empty calories you are getting from your drink options. Drink water, it’s the best option. Fruit juice is almost is bad as soda.

Alcohol is definitely full of empty calories, but if you do want to have a drink go for a glass of wine (red is heart healthy) or have some straight liquor (mixing it with soda and juice just adds more to your calorie count).

Eating healthy food shouldn’t be hard on your wallet, as many people believe. Initially, you may have to struggle with finances as healthy food appears like it is available at a slight premium. Don’t worry. You can get quick loans UK to handle this situation. Get some financial boost and don’t let anything get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

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