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How is a Tea Strainer Different from a Tea Infuser?

Tea is such a simple drink to make, and yet there are enough ways of brewing a cup to confuse the would-be connoisseur. For example, plenty of people are confused about the difference between a tea infuser and a tea strainer. If you are not sure which one you need with your bento subscription tea, it might be worth conducting further research online. Whether you’re deciding on the right option for your personal kitchen or considering which one to order for your own business, getting it right is obviously important.

Unfortunately, there’s no right answer – tea strainers and tea infusers have their own separate pros and cons. Here’s a quick guide to get you up-to-date and help you make the right decision.

Tea Infusers: What Are They & When Should You Use Them?

A tea infuser is placed directly into your cup or teapot. They include a small enclosure that can be opened or closed to insert or remove tea bags – with plenty of space for them to circulate once the leaves become wet and start to unravel. Tea balls are the most common kind of tea infuser, but there are plenty of other options.

One of the best things about tea infusers is that you can remove them just as easily as a bag. If you only fancy a mild cup of tea, the infuser can be quickly removed. If you’re in the mood for a bolder brew, you leave the infuser in longer.

Tea Strainers: What Are They & When Should You Use Them?

A tea strainer is used in conjunction with a teapot. The loose leaves are placed in the teapot before boiling water is added. The strainer is then fitted over the rim of your cup, ready to catch any loose tea leaves that come out as you pour.

So, why would you use a tea strainer instead of an infuser? Well, strainers are useful when a larger quantity of tea needs to be served at the same time. They’re also useful when your tea requires a longer infusion time and won’t become bitter or harsh if the leaves are left in the pot for an extended period.