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The Student Guide To Kitchen Essentials

If you are off to college, or it is your child that is heading off to university, this guide is for you. Of all the things that you consider to be important when packing things to take to college, you may not even consider kitchenware to be a priority. Perhaps you will be living in accommodation with everything provided, or maybe you are hoping to never have to cook a thing the whole time you are there. However, if you are living in self-catering accommodation, having a few essentials in your new kitchen can make your apartment feel like a real home from home, keep you safe, and will help to hone some much-needed cooking skills.

The crockpot

What better feeling than to come home after a day of lectures to the aroma of slow-cooked food, ready to be eaten? The crockpot, or slow cooker, is a versatile kitchen accessory, allowing you to cook all manner of meals such as stews and casseroles, and even puddings and cakes. This should be a staple in any self-catering student home.

Cleaning products

These essentials are almost always forgotten, but if you want to keep on the right side of your dorm mates, and you value your health, you will remember to pack cleaning products for university. You won’t need an array of products and there are many multi-purpose cleaning products on the market that will still enable you to pack light. Try to purchase eco-friendly products for obvious reasons, and choose items containing components that won’t trigger an allergic reaction in any of your room mates.

Coffee maker

You can’t beat the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and with the right coffee machine you could be waking up to a tasty cup to kick-start your day. features a range of coffee makers and accessories to suit assorted budgets.

Chopping boards

If you want to protect the kitchen surfaces and avoid being charged for any damage to them, it is worth investing in a few different chopping boards. For hygiene and health reasons, it is advisable to have separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables to prevent food poisoning. looks at a variety of options, including some extremely budget friendly choices.

First aid kit

All manner of accidents can happen in the kitchen: cuts from chopping vegetables, burns from the stove, and scalding from spilt boiling water or oil. Be prepared, and pack a first aid kit complete with burn gel, band aids, antiseptic wipes, bandages, saline liquid for washing wounds and eyes, and gloves. This piece of equipment should be packed whether you are living in accommodation that provides almost everything, or if you will be mostly self-reliant, as you cannot guarantee that there will be a first aid kit already in your kitchen.


Whatever it is that you’re looking to purchase, make sure you’re definitely getting the best price available for it. Every penny counts when you’re a struggling student! If you use price comparison sites like, you can often find that there are plenty of alternative kitchen products that can save you a lot of extra cash. Often you can get a product for half of the price just by switching to an unknown brand, and often they’re better quality products too!

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