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Vape Juice Pairings

The variety of vape juice flavors is among the best things about vaping. The vape juices not only leave an amazing taste during inhalation and exhalation, but also smell better on breath. What makes vaping even better is the fact that you can pair vape juices to develop an e-liquid that tastes incredible. These personalized vape juices are unique and provide an incredible vaping experience. For beginning vapers, figuring out the perfect vape juice pairings can be quite challenging. The following list of brilliant vape juice combinations is perfect for both beginners and seasoned vapors who seek to create their own customized vape juices.

Menthol and Coffee

One of the best vape juice pairings is the combination of coffee and menthol. The combination was introduced long before the advent of e-cigs with people adding peppermint to coffee to enhance taste. This trick seems to work pretty well for vape juices as well. Getting good quality vape juices of both flavors such as ChocoJava Vape Juice and VaporFi’s Menthol Freeze is a great way of making the blend.

Vanilla and Raspberry

The combination of vanilla and raspberry delivers an exceptional vaping juice. The vanilla in the blend offers the right amount of sweet to the juice during inhalation. On exhalation, the distinctive taste of raspberry takes control to treat you to a one of a kind vaping experience. The blend also produces heavy clouds.

Orange and Menthol

The blend of orange and menthol into a vaping juice creates a mind-blowing unique taste. The orange in the blend brings in the citrus taste that treats your taste buds to a brilliant vaping experience. The juicy taste is stepped down by the menthol that brings a chilly taste to the e-juice, making it taste like a fruit juice that has been cooled in the fridge all day.

Orange, Pineapple and Guava

Blending three flavors into perfect unity, this combination is the one you need for a memorable vaping experience. The orange flavor in the blend contributes an adequate amount of citrus to the juice. The pineapple brings a sweet taste while the guava completes the blend with a special scent. This blend of flavors comes like an explosion during inhalation.

Strawberries and Menthol

Just as they are yummy as fruits, strawberries are a great way of taking the sweetness of your e-juice to a whole new level. Combining the strawberry flavor with menthol makes an even better e-juice. The two work together, with the strawberry providing the sweetness and the menthol contributing the chill to the vape juice. Besides treating your pallets to great vaping experience, the blend of strawberries and menthol is also ideal for boosting your moods. They trigger the production of endorphins that boost your moods and hormones that help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

These are just a few of the perfect vape juice pairings. Depending on your taste preferences, you can include as many as four or five flavors in your vaping juice. It is however important to ensure that the nicotine content is kept at healthy levels.