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Why Consider a Pressure Cooker with Bluetooth?

At first, the idea of a pressure cooker equipped with Bluetooth sounds mildly farcical and certainly something you wouldn’t bother spending money on. That might be your first impression, but then the advantages of owning such an appliance are likely to start dawning on you. These cookers aren’t just connected for novelty or for the sake of it. Truth be told, they can offer cooks an enticing array of benefits.

Kuhn Rikon have introduced the only Bluetooth enabled pressure cooker on the market, which is designed to  Essentially, they work by using Bluetooth software to connect with an app that you download on your Android or Apple device or a software like InHouse Manager. Still wondering why they’re worth the money? Just read on.

Added Measure of Safety

Firstly, a Bluetooth-enabled pressure cooker makes it almost impossible for any accidents to occur. If you forget to adjust the gas setting properly or forget that your pressure cooker is on entirely, you could be putting your safety in jeopardy. A pressure cooker equipped with Bluetooth will warn you of any problems and let you know when it needs to be turned off.

Tastier Food

You might be telling yourself that 99% of people go through life with a pressure cooker without ever coming close to unsafe use. True, but most of us would jump at the chance to make their food taste better, and Bluetooth can help make it happen. Being connected to your smartphone or tablet means that you’ll receive alerts precisely when your meal is finished, so overcooking or undercooking won’t be an issue. Some units can even integrate with other smart kitchen features to achieve superior results.

Added Convenience

One of the main reasons people love their pressure cookers is being able to cook food evenly and quickly with minimal fuss. The Bluetooth pressure cooker gives those benefits a shot in the arm. Most come with several built-in smart programs, so you only have to choose the right one and leave your cooker to do the rest. And if the program finishes before you’re ready to eat, just send the cooker instructions to keep the food warm. If that’s not enough to tempt you, just imagine being able to check on your dish without even leaving the sofa.