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Why Firemen Are Such Good Cooks

It appears to be a universal truism among fire-service personnel who ply their trade in any country across the globe, that being just how good they are at cooking. The reasons why firemen are such good cooks actually make sense if you look at them and see them for what they are, because it basically all stems from a place of contextual need.

Put simply, firemen are chefs and just like chefs everywhere in the world, they’re good at what they do. They’ve got the training, the instincts, and the moxie to make the food look appetising even if they’re technically being forced to eat their own concoctions.

Now, they’ve certainly not invented the reason why they’re excellent cooks. In fact, it’s due to their myriad of decades of experience and practice at cooking on the job, and the necessity of the task itself. For firefighters, no matter where you look, what’s cooking or where the food is coming from, there are strict guidelines in place to ensure the food is being prepared correctly and with the utmost care. For example, fire-fighters should never use oil or butter on the fire-starters or on their emergency food supplies, but they most definitely do.

In doing so and effectively breaking the rules, they have to make sure not to leave any traces of breaching workplace and environmental safety regulations.

Also, anything used for food preparation must be made of high heat resistant materials.

But the number one thing that firefighters in every country should have down pat when it comes to cooking, regardless of the local culture and how traditional it may be, is the ratio of fat to protein.

Basically what it all comes down to is necessity. I’m discussing firemen in particular, not including the ladies who definitely do make up the firefighters’ roster, because as stereotypical as it may sound, we all know that women are pretty much expected to know how to cook and cook relatively well. This discussion comes out in this way because often you’ll perhaps be visiting with a relative who is a fireman and then upon exclaiming at just how delicious and well-presented the food they cook is, someone with the 4-1-1 will remind you that it’s to be expected as they are after all a fireman.

It comes down to the need for them to learn how to cook, as per the conditions of their workplace environment. While all their other colleagues may be deliberating over the latest mobile casinos list they want to try their luck on, the colleague whose turn it is to cook naturally want to make sure to present food that is at the very least ‘edible.’ They get lots and lots of practice, especially if working the night shift, within the parameters of having to make sure it’s healthy food that falls in line with the health and nutritional needs of their occupation, as well as food that resembles something close to what you’d expect of the type of dinner served up by their family members.

Their colleagues take the place of each others’ family in that particular moment.