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Why Should You Replace Your Slow Cooker with a Pressure Cooker?

Still hanging onto your old slow cooker? It might once have had its place in your kitchen, but you should really think about replacing your slow cooker with a pressure cooker, and here are just a few reasons why.

Faster Cooking Times

The biggest difference between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker is that one is much faster, and it isn’t hard to tell which. With a pressure cooker, you can start preparing a meal at 6 in the evening and find yourself tucking in an hour later. With a slow cooker, you’ll probably need to be setting things up before you even leave for work in the morning.

Better Flavour and Nutrition

Food prepared in a slow cooker can taste great, but meals from a pressure cooker will often prove more delicious. That’s because flavours tend to become muted as they are cooked over longer periods, especially because a lot of water needs to be used when you cook in a slow cooker. Even worse, most of the essential nutrients will be destroyed or evaporated when you use a slow cooker – not so with a pressure cooker.

Easier to Store

A slow cooker cannot be used for anything other than slow cooking, and they tend to be quite large and heavy. Not an issue if you have space to spare, but most kitchens suffer from a lack of storage and countertop space. A pressure cooker is smaller and lighter, so you’ll be able to store it more easily without taking up as much space as a bulky old slow cooker.

Ability to Can

Plenty of pressure cookers are also pressure canners; you can bring up the temperature to preserve certain foods, such as soup. It’s a nice added feature that you won’t be able to enjoy if you keep using your old-fashioned slow cooker instead.