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Why Should Your Restaurant Use Terracotta Bowls?

Investing in some out of the ordinary crockery can help set your restaurant apart and let patrons know they are in for something different, but you don’t want to simply go odd for the sake of odd. It’s best to find a slightly unusual option that still serves a few practical purposes, and few options tick those boxes harder than terracotta bowls.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use them.

Rustic Charm

The first thing your patrons are going to notice about your terracotta bowls is the way they look. Terracotta has a wonderfully earthy and yet warm appearance that perfectly suits a more rustic environment. For a restaurant with a more traditional feel, they’ll provide the perfect accent. If you have a more modern establishment, you can use glazed terracotta to present diners with an intriguing fusion of old and new.

Excellent Retainer of Heat

So, we know that terracotta looks great, but how does it hold up when it comes to practical points. Well, for one thing it is an excellent retainer of heat. When meals are cooking inside a terracotta pot and the lid is kept on, heat is maintained for a long time without moisture being created to make any ingredients turn soggy. Terracotta bowls provide the same advantage, they’ll keep food nice and warm without seeing it turn too moist. It’s nice for your diners to know that their meals aren’t going to cool down too quickly, and keeping in that moisture and heat also helps retain all the flavours of the dish.

Terracotta Becomes Nicely Seasoned

Most traditional crockery starts to look old quite quickly, and terracotta bowls aren’t any different. However, they become seasoned instead of unsightly, heightening their rustic charm, so you can keep the same bowls for ages without having to worry about making a change. As a terracotta bowl absorbs oils and becomes more well-used, it actually develops a less sticky surface, so even cleaning becomes easier.