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Why Wild Essential Oils Are The Best For Therapeutic Use

Organic Reputation

With the advent of the organic food industry and its widely-touted marketing campaign of how everything organic is better for you, it stands to reason that essential oils extracted from plants which are organically grown would also be the best choice versus wild-crafted essential oils. It makes sense, right? It may, until you realize just what essential oils are and how they are made within the plant.

Stress Is Best

The best way to check the quality of any essential oil is to subject it to very specialized testing called gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. These two testing methods are what professionals use to test the quality of the essential oils when they come from the plants. Experts tend to believe that pure essential oils are made in the plant when the plant is under stress. The most stress happens when the plant is in the wild, in its natural environment. Unfortunately, when the plant is grown in typical organic conditions, they are not under very much stress, if any at all. This means the essential oil will not be of a very high quality and more plants may be needed to get the same amount of essential oils that would come from a lesser quantity of plants growing in the wild. For this simple and scientifically-sound reason, experts have determined that wild-crafted essential oils will have the best therapeutic properties.

Why Organic Is A Moot Point

Unlike food that is grown organically, essential oils that come from plants which are grown organically are not eaten or otherwise ingested. Most plants which are used for the most popular wild-crafted essential oils have their own defense mechanisms so they do not require any sort of pesticide treatment. However, some plants may require them or require some sort of anti-fungal treatment. Even in these cases, however, the pesticide or anti-fungal treatments are a moot point because of they way essential oils are produced. The molecules which make up the oils are very tiny while the molecules of the chemical treatments are much larger in comparison. For this reason, the chemicals that consumers have been taught to fear will never actually reach the final product.

Up To The Buyer

Some people believe that they can tell the difference between organic oils and wild essential oils by the energy frequency the oil gives off. While this cannot be scientifically quantified in any discernible way, it really boils down to what the end buyer wants. The only point is not to downplay the popularity of organic products or the great care that goes into organic farming,only that simply sticking an organic label on something does not automatically make the product a premium grade. It is this fact which CAN be scientifically proven through the use of the aforementioned testing methods. If the oils are being used for therapy, the highest quality oils are what will need to be used, no matter how they are grown.