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Seafood Dishes Every Foodie Should Try

As the season’s change, so too do many of our favorite seasonal seafood dishes. Here, six delicious and festive seafood dishes to go with fresh ocean breezes and cozy beach nights. If you haven’t had the chance to sample any seafood dishes just yet, you may want to look into some of the best seafood restaurants in San Francisco, or wherever you are from, so you can enjoy these delicacies.

Basil Crab Cakes (Chosen by reader, Anna)

These grilled seafood cakes feature a vegan mix of spinach, parsley, garlic and lemon.

Port-Made Crab Rolls (Seafood Watch)

This recipe uses coconut sugar as a sweetener, and is naturally gluten-free.

Nutritional Yeast Granola (Organic Living)

This crunchy granola is vegan, gluten-free and uses aquafaba to soak up the moisture of the soaked nuts.

Sweet Chipotle Shrimp (Seafood Watch)

A vegan and gluten-free favorite, this recipe calls for cashews and chickpeas.

Sea Salt Fishcakes with Spiced Noodle Kugel (Dana Gunders)

Try this mouthwatering pork shoulder recipe with kugel-a special German pudding.

King Crab With Cucumber Relish (Lauren Mowery)

Cocktails, sweets and hearty dishes are only a few of the reasons to celebrate National Crab Day this weekend.

Is Seafood Healthy?

Join us and other seafood enthusiasts as we explore the growing world of healthy seafood recipes. Our journey begins with the internationally renowned raw food pioneer Michael Mosley.

Michael has taken his five-year battle with diabetes and built an entirely new diet, called the Seafood Diet, which he has refined into an extensive work of academic research and practising chef, called The Seafood Cookbook: A Professional Work of Disciplined Cookery.

You may know Michael’s work from his BBC One show The Way We Eat, in which he brought together the wisdom of an eclectic mix of home cooks, gastronomes and celebrities to cook with both fresh and frozen seafood from all around the world.

Food – although a little bit of everything in its natural form – is such a vital part of our lives that we find we must try to make good choices about it. We can’t just accept it as part of nature, but we need to exercise judgment about it, and it’s no coincidence that we were invited to join Michael on this voyage of healthy eating. He’s a doctor who has worked at St Thomas’ Hospital, as a consultant dietician, and as the NHS’s Chief Scientific Adviser, the most senior science adviser to any government. He has proven himself to be a great communicator and we can all be proud to call him an ambassador for good health.

Whilst the recipes in Michael’s book are not written with a raw food approach, you may have thought that raw food cuisine was all about those marvellous textures and tastes. Yet it has its place, and it is certainly one of the most obvious similarities between raw food cuisine and healthy seafood.

Michael’s book shares with us a robust list of good and bad foods, and the opportunities for us to address and improve our health through adopting a few different types of healthy seafood diet.

To begin with, raw foods aim for maximum freshness, so the foods used for raw food eating are frozen or dried, cooked, then eaten as fresh as possible. Michael’s raw food diet aims to get the best from our natural food and is about an approach that allows us to try, and possibly improve, some of the great benefits of raw food nutrition.

Just as raw food has its place in certain aspects of medicine, so too does healthy seafood. We will be exploring with Michael the choice of seafood that we know we can eat with confidence. He will help us identify a healthy seafood diet that will help us to work towards the increased immunity and the enjoyment of healthy seafood.

Still, you might not be a person who would want to get fish delivered to your door each and every day, or you might simply find it difficult to introduce new fishy tastes into your diets. This is where the recipes in this book will help to enrich and improve your diet.

Our journey may not always involve the complete elimination of harmful, unhealthy foods, but it will be a healthier and happier way to eat, with an enhanced sense of wellbeing. After all, even the best online casinos that pay out in the least amount of time will make you wait, even if for only a little while, as perhaps a way to inadvertently teach you a bit of patience and moderation.

Seafood that tastes the best should be consumed in moderation and only occasionally.

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