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5 Ways To Reduce Your Calorie Intake

Whether your doctor has told you that it’s time to start making healthier nutritional choices, or perhaps you just want to prepare for bikini season which is just around the corner, the key is reducing your calorie consumption.

The math is simple when it comes to weight loss.  Calories in versus calories consumed must be at a healthy ratio.  The more calories that you burn, the fewer calories that you’re consuming.  Since exercise can cancel out calories that you’ve consumed, that’s why people who are more active can eat more that people who aren’t as active and gain weight as a result.

If you’re ready to start cutting back on your calories and making changes to your waistline, here are some of the best ways.

Meal Prep

When you eat in a restaurant, you can consume as many as ten times the amount which you would have eaten at home.  Restaurants use more oil and butter, and you can never be sure precisely what ingredients are inside.

Whereas if you prepare your meals at home, you’re able to keep track of exactly what you’re consuming.  If you eat lunch in a restaurant or fast food chain every day at work, for example, you could reduce your weekly caloric consumption by as many as 10,000 calories by bringing your lunch to work instead.

Exercise More

Getting up and being active more is one of the best ways to lose weight in the shortest amount of time.  A lot of people think that to be active they have to join a gym or run a marathon.

However, sometimes it’s as simple as walking to work or taking the stairs.  Try to move for at least thirty minutes a day, and you’ll find that your body will transform.

Eliminate Alcohol

Since alcohol has an average of two to three hundred calories a drink, consuming even a few casual glasses a week can add a significant amount to your total calories.  Additionally, when you consume alcohol, your inhibitions are down, and you are more likely to make unhealthy food choices.

Consider cutting back or eliminating alcohol entirely from your diet when you want to cut calories.

Intermittent Fasting

Taking a break from eating for periods of sixteen to twenty-four hours at a time will add a massive boost to your weight loss efforts.  Your body will start burning its reserve fat rather than the food which you’ve consumed, and you’ll consume fewer calories overall.

Eat Raw Foods

Eating a diet which contains mostly raw foods means you’ll be consuming fewer calories.  Since fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories, you can eat more without having to worry about overeating.