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Planning the Perfect Picnic

Al fresco dining is one of the best ways to capitalize on the joys of summer, and from a broader perspective, picnicking gives you the opportunity to spend time with those you care about. Food tends to taste better in the open air, and what better way to soak up the rays and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

One of the keys to a successful picnic is planning, and though you can spend considerable time researching multiple sources to help coordinate your day out, this article has collected tops tips for public benefit in a centralized location.

Below you will find inspiration for decisions such as the location to choose for your picnic, appropriate food and drink to select, how to pack, and post-picnic entertainment.


One of the first considerations when you want to plan a picnic is the location to choose, and this is highly dependent on personal preference. Whether you’re suited to a secluded spot under the trees, or enjoy the concept of basking in the sunshine on the beach, your choice of location can make or break your picnic, and the decision should therefore be given due respect. It is important to cater to the individual needs of your group, where otherwise unrest can spoil the atmosphere of the day.
And once you have shortlisted the spot, it is also important to arrange the props you would need during a picnic. The first piece of equipment you might need is some good camping tables. Since food is the most enjoyable part of a picnic, having a table to keep your food tidy and away from any dirt would prove beneficial.

Beach – If you enjoy the concept of spending time on the beach, this is the ideal spot for sport and sun lovers, and is sure to keep everyone happy. A top tip is to use wicker placemats to keep sand from your sandwiches, and utilize tightly sealed containers. There are various activities you can engage in alongside food, including frisbee, beach ball, and other ideas that are left to your imagination.

Meadow – Picnicking in the park is a tried and tested method that never fails, where relaxing in your local park is a great way to enjoy a traditional picnic. One of the biggest pros of this method is that you’re guaranteed the space necessary to spend quality time with loved ones, additionally providing a perfect opportunity to incorporate games.

Forest – Why not settle for an afternoon of food and fun in a forest? This is a tranquil spot free from disturbance, and will provide greater shade from the sun if this meets your preference. Choosing an impressive location sets the scene fantastically, with rivers, rocks, and plenty of places to explore at your leisure. This is a great spot for kids, and be sure to take a warm blanket for when the sun drops!

Food & Drink

The culinary delights are without question the most vital ingredient for a successful picnic, where your hamper should steal the show and delight those involved. Picnic friendly foods include sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes, chocolate, and other bite sized snacks of your choice, though it is equally important to incorporate healthy foods to create a perfect complement, including salads, vegetables, and fruit. Remember to tailor your choices to the individual needs of the people participating in your day out, where providing you incorporate foods that everyone will enjoy, your day will run smoothly and your choice of food will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Whether you choose luxurious foods or simple classics, whatever tickles you and the other participant’s fancies will go down a treat.

In terms of drinks, you can spice things up by introducing alcohol, where a cold glass of Pimms mixed with fruit is the perfect complement to your picnic. Non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade are a good option for children, and again it is important to tailor your decision based on personal preference, whether that’s with a few cold beers or fruit juice. Whatever happens on your picnic, keeping things simple is a good idea, where a less routine approach can give your guests a tactile and rustic experience to remember.

How to Pack

Investing in a high-quality hamper is a strong recommendation, where after all the hard work involved it would be a shame to let this go to waste with low quality packing. You can never use too much tupperware, and one of the biggest objectives is to preserve the food you take out, keeping it cool and most importantly unsquashed.

Oily foods keep very well so are perfect for warm days, and by using cool bags and keeping heavy items at the bottom of your picnic bag, you can mitigate the risks involved with taking multiple items. Cocktail sticks and bin liners are a fantastic way to be prepared, and with the inclusion of plastic cups, plates, cutlery, cushions, and blankets for comfort, you are ready to enjoy your big day.

Post Picnic Entertainment!

One final bonus tip is to bring simple yet fun games to ensure your picnic goes out with a bang, whether this involves taking a bat and ball, bowls, or a frisbee. These simple games can really unify the experience, bringing people together and rounding off a fantastic day spent with people you care about.

If you have the time, children can be entertained with simple treasure hunts, and limbo is another simple way to engage in comical activity that unites people. By understanding the type of entertainment that will arouse good feeling among your guests, your pleasurable experience will extend beyond eating, but make sure your food has gone down to first!

We hope you have found this information useful, and feel free to leave comments below with your own ideas and inspirations for what makes a great picnic!

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